About MOBN

We generated human biological networks that incorporates clinical and multiple omics data, e.g. metabolomics, proteomics and metagenomics data. This database is run by Sysmedicine group, SciLifeLab, KTH, Sweden, as part of recent our studies (please see citation below).

This database contains networks data from two wellness profilling studies. Here users can explore the functionally or physically associated proteins from given networks and test their biological hypothesis and develop efficient treatment strategies.

We wish that our database will greatly benefit research community in biology and medicine.

To those who consider to use our database, please cite papers below:

Citation: Soon to be updated


Please contact Muhammad Arif (muhammad.arif@scilifelab.se) for further details.

Release Notes:

1. Uploading beta version of the website (20 May 2018)
2. Adding data from P100 Study (28 May 2018)
3. Adding data from Integrative Omics Study (30 May 2018)
4. Adding data from SCAPIS-SciLifeLab Wellness profilling study data (6 December 2018)
5. Analyte names standardization (10 December 2018)
6. Adding Tabs for Each Analyte Type (10 December 2018)
7. Adding Metabolomics data from SCAPIS-SciLifeLab Wellness profilling study (28 March 2019)