Blue edge: postive corr.     Orange edge: negative corr.     Left click on edge     Right click on node

    Nodes Legend:     Protein     Metabolite     Microbiome     Anthropometric/Clinical Chemistry

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When using the data, please consider to cite:

1. Fagerberg et al (COMING SOON!!!)

2. Price et al., 2017, Nature Biotechnology 8, 747-756

3. Piening et al., 2018, Cell Systems 6, 157–170

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  Increasing the number of nodes will increase the loading time
  Less than three genes to search
  Less than 50 maximal nodes for multiple analytes

Maximum number of nodes (min-1 max-200): 25 Edge Pruning Parameter (-log10 P-Adjusted) (min-2 max-50): 2

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